Tesla Software-Update 2024.14 mit einem neuen Look (V12) und mehr

Tesla software update 2024.14 with a new look (V12) and other innovations

Tesla drivers around the world can look forward to the latest 2024.14 software update, which brings a number of exciting improvements and new features. Most notable is the fresh look of the user interface, known as "V12." Let's take a closer look at what this update has in store for Tesla owners.

Visual update

  • Impressive full-screen vehicle control when the Tesla is parked
  • Large playback controls and quick access to favorites, for example, navigation or the media player
  • Expandable autopilot visualizations, with a smaller map at the top right for route guidance
  • A slimmer and more compact driving mode bar and refined driving displays ( Available worldwide for vehicles with the Ryzen processor )

Trunk opening without using your hands

Open your trunk even when your hands are full. Simply stand behind the trunk for a moment until you hear the chime and the trunk opens automatically. To enable this feature, go to Vehicle Settings > Locks > Hands-Free Trunk. Make sure your phone settings allow interaction with the Tesla app at close range. ( Requires iPhone 11+ and Tesla app 4.31.0+. A future update will extend this feature to Android users as well. )

Preview of Sentinel Mode recordings

When Sentry Mode triggers the vehicle alarm and records an event, you can instantly view a short clip of the recording on your phone. The preview videos are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be viewed by Tesla.

Please note that this feature is not expected to be available in Germany.

Further improvements

  • Journey progress bar below the turn-by-turn navigation bar, which changes depending on the distance to the destination or next stopover
  • Synchronize Spotify queue between vehicles and devices and adjust playback speed
  • Display of faster route suggestions in navigation and signal tone when approaching speed cameras
  • Display of average speed and distance to the end of the average speed zone while driving
With these new features and improvements, the Tesla driving experience is further optimized and tailored even better to the needs of drivers. Tesla is once again setting standards in terms of innovation and user-friendliness.

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