Der ultimative Leitfaden für Kurzbefehle und Tipps von Tesla, die du vielleicht noch nicht kennst

The ultimate guide to Tesla shortcuts and tips you may not know

The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Shortcuts and Tips You May Not Know (Updated)

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Tesla vehicles are known for their state-of-the-art technology that makes the driving experience enjoyable and efficient. In this article, we'll look at Tesla tips and tricks that can further improve your driving experience. While some of these tips are specific to the Model 3 and Model Y, many of them are applicable to the entire Tesla lineup.

Jump to a section in the song

If you're listening to music and want to skip to a specific part of a song or podcast, you don't have to drag the progress bar. Instead, you can simply tap anywhere on the progress bar to jump to that part.

Show alternative routes

The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Shortcuts and Tips You May Not Know (Updated)

Via: Not a Tesla App

When navigating to a location, you can tap the Next Turn module at the top of the screen to show the vehicle if there are alternative routes to your destination.

The alternative route view is similar to the one shown at the start of your journey, but is determined based on your current location. This could be useful for getting around construction sites or closed roads.

Alternatively, you can tap the compass icon at the top right of the screen to view alternative routes as well.

When you're in Autopilot mode, you can tap the speedometer to set the maximum Autopilot speed to your current speed. This is useful if you want to maintain your current speed without manually adjusting it.

Set automatic cruise control to the speed limit

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Likewise, you can tap the speed limit sign to set the maximum speed to the speed limit plus your preferred offset. This also helps maintain a safe and legal speed while using the autopilot.

Advanced FSD visualization

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To expand the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta visualizations, you do not need to grab the small bar on the right side of the visualizations. You can simply swipe right anywhere in the speedometer/speed limiter area or over it to view the FSD visualizations in full screen.

To exit the visualizations in full screen mode, you can swipe left similar to before, but near the top of the screen. Even a small swipe near the driver will be enough.

Open the music selection

Tap the album art to open or close the large music panel. This gives you easy access to and control of your music while driving.

Jump to audio settings

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To quickly adjust audio settings like balance and equalizer, tap the volume button in the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap the Levels icon.

Quickly close open apps

Many apps can be swiped down to close. However, you don't have to swipe down from the top of the app. If the app is already scrolled to the top, you can swipe on any non-interactive part of the app or on an empty area to close the app.

You can also easily close any apps or menus by using a simple voice command like "Show Map" or tapping the open app's icon.

One-button access to the calendar

Tap the clock to quickly open your calendar and have your schedule at your fingertips.

Quick navigation home

Swipe down on the navigation button to quickly navigate to your home or work and make your daily commute seamless.

Jump back to the cards

In a Model 3 or Model Y, if your map is covered with either an app or menu, you can tap the navigation pad that appears next to your speedometer to quickly return to the map screen and minimize any open apps.

Turn off the air conditioning

Press and hold the climate control button to turn off the climate system.

Quickly open air conditioning screen

Swipe from anywhere in the launcher to open the climate window and quickly access climate controls.

Decouple passenger temperature

Synchronize the cabin temperature for driver and passenger by pressing the climate arrows and selecting "separate". Alternatively, you can use the voice command “Sync Climate” or “Unpair Climate” to control the temperature settings.

Loading menu

Tap the battery icon to jump to the charging menu and monitor and adjust charging settings.

Switch between miles and percent

Tap the range to switch between showing miles and percentages and get a personalized view of your remaining charge.

Details about the indicator lights

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The indicator lights that appear on the left can also be tapped to open the corresponding menu. For example, tapping the headlight icon brings up the light settings, while the low tire pressure icon opens the tire pressure menu.

Wiper speed adjustment

Pressing the button on the left stalk wipes the windshield once and displays the wiper settings for you to easily adjust. Since the 2023.12 update, you can also use the left scroll wheel once the wiper settings are on screen to easily switch between wiper settings.

Deactivate automatic high beams

Swiping the high beam lever also calls up the light settings and gives you quick access to the headlight controls.

Temporarily activate the blind spot monitor

Regardless of whether you are using Tesla's blind spot cameras, if your turn signal is activated, you can tap the turn signal icon on the screen to temporarily activate or deactivate the blind spot camera. This is particularly useful for drivers who don't want to use the blind spot camera but occasionally want to see what's next to them.

Heated mirrors

If your mirrors are foggy or have snow or frost on them, you can activate your heated mirrors by turning on the rear window defroster.

Voice commands

To open the glove box, use the voice command "Open Glove Box" or tap the car icon on the touchscreen, followed by the glove box icon.

These Tesla shortcuts and tips can improve your driving experience by providing quick access to important features and settings.

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