The Tesla Model 3 2024 in detail - high-end electromobility

Electromobility has set a new benchmark with the Tesla Model 3 2024, also called “Project Highland”. This innovative electric car not only defines the future of mobility, but also the present.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the outstanding features of this vehicle that delights environmentally conscious drivers worldwide.

Content overview:

  1. Price & Availability
  2. Improved range & consumption
  3. Interior upgrade
  4. Exterior changes
  5. Security & Technology
  6. Autopilot options
  7. Warranty conditions
  8. Conclusion on the new Tesla Model 3 2024


Price & Availability

The Tesla Model 3 2024 is available in two variants: Standard Range and Maximum Range.

The Standard Range is available from €42,990, while the Maximum Range version (Long Range) starts at €51,990.

Deliveries of these models are scheduled to begin on October 24, 2023.

Improved range & consumption

Thanks to optimized aerodynamics and a more efficient battery, the Tesla Model 3 2024 achieves impressive ranges.

With 18-inch Photon rims and hubcaps, the Standard Range can cover 554 km, while the Maximum Range version can cover an astonishing 678 km.

The consumption values ​​have also been improved, with the standard range having a WLTP consumption of 13.2 kWh/100 km and the maximum range version impressing with 14.0 kWh/100 km.

Interior upgrade

The interior design of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 is a true masterpiece of luxury and innovation. Every detail has been carefully thought out to provide occupants with an unparalleled driving experience. Here are some fascinating details about the interior of this electric car:

evmotion-2024-tesla-model-3-highland-interior Seating comfort & materials

The front seats of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 are not only extremely comfortable, but also offer an innovative seat ventilation function. This ensures that the driver and front passenger always remain pleasantly cool and relaxed, even on longer journeys. The seats are covered with high-quality materials that are not only soft & comfortable, but also durable and easy to maintain.

Steering wheel & controls

The steering wheel of the Tesla Model 3 2024 has been redesigned and is now even more ergonomic. The traditional indicators and shift levers have been replaced by modern touch controls.

Light control, horn, windshield wipers and other functions are now intuitively controlled via the steering wheel, which not only saves space but also provides a futuristic driving experience.


Ambient lighting & sound system

The interior of the Tesla Model 3 2024 is complemented by atmospheric ambient lighting. LED strips set elegant accents and create a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle.

The sound system has been upgraded and now has 17 high-quality speakers that provide clear and impressive sound. Whether it's music, podcasts or calls - the sound in the Tesla Model 3 2024 is crystal clear.

Touchscreen & Connectivity

The center of the cockpit is the impressive 15.4-inch touchscreen. This is not only used to control the infotainment system, but also to set various vehicle parameters. In addition, another 8-inch touchscreen was integrated into the rear area of ​​the vehicle.

This allows rear passengers to conveniently control the air conditioning and entertainment system. Additionally, two headsets can be connected to the system at the same time to customize the entertainment experience.

Materials & workmanship

Only high-quality materials were used in the interior of the Tesla Model 3 2024. The door panels, dashboard & center console are made from the highest quality materials.

The fabrics used not only feel comfortable, but are also extremely durable. The attention to detail and precise workmanship give the interior a luxurious touch.

Noise insulation & driving comfort

A 360-degree acoustic glass cover and special insulation materials reduce wind and ambient noise by 30%. This creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the interior. In addition, the suspension and chassis have been improved to provide an even more comfortable driving experience. New springs and dampers as well as an optimized front suspension contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride.

With its impressive interior design, the Tesla Model 3 2024 sets new standards for comfort, aesthetics and innovation. Drivers and passengers can look forward to a first-class driving experience that perfectly combines luxury and electromobility.



Exterior changes

The exterior of the Tesla Model 3 2024 features new, uniform rear lights and elegant lettering instead of the traditional Tesla logo.

New wheel designs for the 18-inch and 19-inch versions as well as an efficient drag coefficient of 0.219 make the vehicle not only more attractive, but also more environmentally friendly.



Security & Technology

Tesla cars represent the highest levels of safety thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. The 2024 Tesla Model 3 received the highest rating of five stars from the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) and was named best vehicle in the large family and electric/hybrid vehicle category.

Thanks to advanced safety systems and numerous cameras, the vehicle offers optimal protection for the occupants.

Autopilot options

Tesla offers various autopilot options for the 2024 Model 3. The standard autopilot is already included and includes lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

For an additional charge, Advanced Autopilot and Full Potential for Autonomous Driving/FSD are available, which offer additional functions such as lane change assistant and traffic light and stop sign recognition.

Warranty conditions

The warranty for the Tesla Model 3 2024 remains unchanged: 4 years or 80,000 km for the vehicle and 8 years or 192,000 km for the battery and drive unit.

Tesla continues to provide comprehensive protection for its vehicles, providing additional peace of mind and confidence when purchasing.

Conclusion on the new Tesla Model 3 2024

The Tesla Model 3 2024 from EV Motion is not just a facelift, but a revolution in electric mobility.

With impressive range, high-quality interior and state-of-the-art safety features, it sets new standards in the automotive industry.

Deliveries will begin in November 2023, and test drives will be possible from the end of October.

Order the right all-weather mats for your new Model 3 now at evmotion.shop and experience the future of electromobility up close.

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